Space Saving Design Tricks Make This 130sf Micro Apartment Feel Much Larger

This neatly packaged 130-square-foot Parisian apartment is the fruit of a collaboration between architects Julie Nabucet and Marc Baillargeon. The galley kitchen and adjoining bathroom take up very little space at one end, but the best part is that they’re elevated a couple of feet off the floor. That allows the bed to slide under them during the day to free up the living/work area on the main level. The bed can disappear entirely, but it doesn’t have to – in another brilliant touch part of it can be left sticking out to become, with the addition of a couple cushions, a comfortable couch. Because no floor area is lost to a bed and couch, Nabucet and Baillargeon were able to fill an entire wall with storage cabinets without making things seem too claustrophobic. Altogether, they’ve come up with something genuinely new that looks both modern and highly livable.








h/t Curbed | Photos via Core77

Being able to create furniture that serves double or triple duty certainly has its advantages in a small space like this, and we’ve seen similar bed setups in other tiny homes. With neat hiding places for linens, a coffee table that hides away under the shelving, and an assortment of other creative ideas this little apartment shows a ton of flexibility.

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