Minimalist Apartment Shows How to Live Comfortably in 140sf

What can you do in an apartment with 140 square feet of floor space? Well, if you’re Szymon Hanczar and your apartment has 10-foot ceilings, you start thinking about how many cubic feet you have available. The Polish designer moved the bed to a loft, hung a bicycle high on the wall, and strung a hammock across one end of the room to save so much space at floor level that he even found room for a small washing machine. The kitchen and bathroom are still a little cramped, and it’s still not the kind of place you’d be able to do a lot of entertaining in, but a single person can comfortably eat, sleep, and study or work – all without having to worry about whether he’s got change for the coin-op laundry machine in the basement.









13sqm-minimal-living-space-hanczar-9-600x400h/t Design Milk

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