Three Cozy Backyard Sheds You Can Customize

If you happen to live in the UK and are looking for inexpensive, sustainable, biodegradable products for your organic garden, The Natural Gardener of Herefordshire is a great place to start. Traditional hay rakes, jute gardening bags, wooden raised beds . . . you can buy just about anything from them, including these super stylish garden sheds that could easily double as a tiny living space, a guesthouse, or a quiet retreat for a writer or artist.

Each design features aluminum frames, polycarbonate roofs, double-glazed windows, timber flooring, and insulated planed tongue-and-groove walls of Forest Stewardship Council Certified wood from Forest Garden. Once you prepared a suitable place to receive one of these sheds, it takes just one or two days to assemble the kit; alternatively you can have The Natural Gardener do it for you for another few hundred pounds.

The Life Space Large: 115 square feet, from £5,895.


The Byron Summerhouse: more a tiny cottage than a shed, with lots of windows, a deck and almost 160 square feet of floor space. £2,895 unassembled.


The Life Space Premium: 80 square feet, £4,895 unassembled.


We love the look of these backyard sheds, and while they don’t include appliances, a bathroom, or other finishing touches, the price is right and they could make a great platform to create your own backyard hideaway.

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