The “Front Range” Channels The Spirit Of The West With A Simple, Rustic Design

Less is more when it comes to the Front Range, a new model for sale by Rocky Mountain Tiny Homes that pays homage to the spirit of the west, where the mountains meet the plains. It includes a shed style roof, a single loft, and a rather straightforward floor plan that’s left mostly open to customization. This no-frills build allows some of their design choices to really stand out; the mixed siding adds a strong visual interest on the outside as does the use of reclaimed wood on a single interior wall.


“This tiny house pays homage to the front range of Colorado and Wyoming where the plains meet the mountains, as witnessed in the transverse shed roof. The high side is intended to point south and has abundant glass to emphasize view. Most of Colorado’s population resides in the front range in urban settings, and as such, this house has a contemporary flare with clean lines, a simple interior palette, and a more open floor plan compared to more traditional tiny houses. There are, however, a few rustic touches to add warmth.”








The Front Range is currently for sale for a reasonable $37,000. If you want to learn more, visit Rocky Mountain Tiny Houses.

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