Nomad Micro Homes Promises Affordability & Easy Setup

Last week we showed you an interesting micro home made by Camera Homes, based out of Vancouver. Here’s another player in Vancouver’s vibrant tiny house scene: NOMAD Micro Homes, founded last year by Ian Kent with capital raised on the Indiegogo crowdfunding platform. With an anti-consumerism agenda and an aim of providing inexpensive, sustainable dwellings for working class people struggling in the current economy, NOMAD has developed a self-contained hundred-square-foot prefab house that ships worldwide in a compact flat-pack.

Nomad Micro HOmes 1

They have plans for three modular styles, named “live” “grow” and “space”, all of which can fit together to create a customized space designed around your needs.


True to the goal of affordability, the NOMAD kit sells for only $25,000 ($28,000 with kitchen appliances). Optional but very desirable extras like a composting toilet, solar panels, and rainwater collection system will add to the cost for most buyers, but it’s still a brand-new tiny house for around half the price of many competing models. The lower level has a living area and kitchen, and there’s a sleeping loft overhead; both areas feature attractive wood floors.

Nomad Micro HOmes 2


The NOMAD is not hard to put together, either, requiring just a power drill and an elementary knowledge of carpentry. Kent stressed ease of assembly to make these microhomes a viable option for the many people who are more interested in living in tiny houses than in building them.

Nomad Micro HOmes 3

He thinks that those who purchase a NOMAD will find many benefits besides an economical place to live. A small living space, he says, almost automatically makes the occupant less materialistic. There’s no room for unnecessary items, so purchasing becomes more deliberate; there’s no room for garbage, so reuse and recycling goes way up.

Whether Kent’s philosophy resonates with you or you’re just interested in owning a low-cost home that can move where you do, the NOMAD is well worth a look. We admire their goal of bringing affordable and elegant housing solutions to a broader market, and look forward to their future offerings.

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