Tiny With A Side Of Luxury

For sale or rent? Not quite – Tinywood Homes will build you a similar house, but the ones you see here are only available for short-term glamping stays. They’re located in the middle of a pasture on a farm in Warwickshire, England, within walking distance of a village and an easy drive to Stratford-upon-Avon. Unlike many glamping accommodations, Tinywood Homes welcomes children and pets, so it’s a great choice for families. The cabins do have woodstoves, but there are also central heating and ample insulation, full plumbing and electrical connections, refrigerators, stoves, and even electronic security systems. And, of course, the wood-heated hot tub outside. Prices range from £75 to £150 ($120 to $240) a night.


Meanwhile, if you want to own one, you have two options: a 16-foot steel-framed hut starting at £19,995 ($31,500) and a 20-foot model built around a shipping container that starts at £22,995 ($36,200). (Those prices are just for the basic structure and don’t include VAT, so expect final cost to be considerably higher.)






tinywood-tinyhouse-hottubh/t Tiny House Blog

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