“V” Is For Versatile In This Customizable Tiny Home

Nelson Tiny Houses is a builder we profiled before, showing you their adorable Acorn model. Their “V House” is also worth a look, as it has a unique layout that forgoes a loft in favor of a unique open space that’s slightly elevated off the first floor, which can be used for a living room. In the configuration below it seems like they couch with a fold-out bed, and a sliding door allowing for a multi-use room that retains a sense of privacy. Notice how the sliding door also features a folding kitchen table, a smart design feature that helps maximize the space. Check out the photos and video below to learn more.





Photos courtesy Nelson Tiny Houses | h/t Tiny House Talk

The V-House shows off an incredibly versatile layout that ranges from just over 100-square-feet up to 250-square-feet, and owners can opt for any range of customization, adding extra rooms, lofts, or kitchen space as needed. The base price for their 120-square-foot model is around $35,000 and you can visit http://www.nelsontinyhouses.com/ to learn more.

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