Desperate, Alone, And Out Of Options, She Built A 300sf Home from Mud

Several years ago, author Atulya K. Bingham found herself in a tent in the mountains of Turkey, where she’d been doing research for a book. She wasn’t finished with her research, but it was raining and winter was coming on and she realized that she’d need something a bit sturdier than a tent if she wanted to keep going. Her homebuilding experience and her budget were both severely limited, but after some online research she found a technique able to forgive those faults: earthbag construction.


Four years later, Atulya is still living in the 300-square-foot mud-walled result of her labors. It’s off-grid and entirely solar-powered, and besides giving Atulya a place to live it’s given her something to write about. Her book Mud Ball: 6 weeks, $6000 and plenty of dirt – How I dug myself out of the daily grind was published as an eBook in May and will soon be available in print as well.







mud-house-003-600x397h/t Tiny House Talk

If you’d like to learn more about her journey check out her Facebook page, or visit her website.

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