Stay, park – or make easy money from your tiny house

In rural San Diego county there’s an intriguing new venue with something for just about everybody in the tiny house community. The Hideaway Ramona is a small farm with space, electricity and water for six tiny houses. It’s close to attractions like hiking and mountain biking, wineries and breweries, golf courses and casinos, as well as the city of San Diego. If you’re traveling through the area in your own tiny home, you can park it at the Hideaway for a small donation. But you don’t need one of your own to stay here – the Hideaway also offers nightly bookings for tiny houses already parked on the property. The interesting part is that the Hideaway’s proprietors don’t own any of them. Instead, they’re partnering with people from all over the country who have tiny houses they’re not using. In exchange for 50% of the rental fees, they’ll host your house, handle the bookings, supplies and cleaning, and take care of the guests. They just opened in May and so far there are only two tiny houses in residence (plus a vintage 1959 RV for overflow guests), so if you’ve got a tiny you don’t live in fulltime and you’re interested in making a few bucks from it in the offseason, you can contact the Hideaway at (619) 916-7873 or [email protected].

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