Never mind the castle: the tiny houses of Loch Goil

Swanky Scottish resort The Lodge on Loch Goil does have a lodge – and a castle – both very nice in their five-star way, we’re sure – but what caught our eye were a couple of breathtaking tiny houses that do complete justice to the wild beauty of the sea loch setting.

The first of those is called the Victorian Summerhouse, and although it’s not exactly being marketed to the tiny house community, it’s instantly recognizable to anyone within it: a little place with a woodstove-heated living room at one end and kitchen/bathroom facilities under a sleeping loft at the other. The loch comes right up to the bottom of the house at high tide, and there’s a wide railed deck from which to enjoy the view.

Loch Goil 1

Loch Goil 2

Loch Goil 4

And then there’s the treehouse, the most photographed venue on the very photogenic grounds. You can’t stay in this one, but you can have a meal, a board meeting or a wedding inside…

Loch Goil 5

Loch Goil 6

Loch Goil 8

Images © The Lodge on Loch Goil

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