Gypsy Getaway Wagons you can rent for the road

We’ve seen some very livable gypsy-style THOWs, but Jeff Deming’s cheerfully painted Gypsy Getaway Wagons are more of a just-for-fun road trip rental option. They’re a lot closer to traditional vardos in size and amenities. At just 2,800–3,500 pounds apiece, you probably could hitch them to a team of horses, and you certainly won’t need an especially powerful vehicle to haul one. Inside they’re divided about half and half between sleeping space (each has two full-size beds and can sleep up to four) and a small sitting area across from a shelf with a two-burner propane stove. There’s enough solar power for the lights and a small cooler, 18 gallons of water for outdoor showers, and that’s about it. No toilet, although Jeff will rent you a composting one with a three-sided privacy screen for outdoor use. Pretty basic, but still lots more comfortable – and colorful – than a tent. Two of the wagons, the 14-foot Sun Salutation and the 16-foot Rambling Ramsey, can be taken on the road from Reno, Nevada, for $139 per night; the Big Dog is semi-permanently parked on 100 acres near the Tahoe National Forest and goes for $159 per night.

Gypsy Getaway 1

Sun Salutation exterior

Gypsy Getaway 2

Sun Salutation interior

Gypsy Getaway 3 Gypsy Getaway 4

Rambling Ramsey

Gypsy Getaway 5

Big Dog exterior

Gypsy Getaway 6

Big Dog interior

h/t Tiny House Blog

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