Tiny Idahomes’ amazing vardo for modern-day gypsy healers

Tiny Idahomes can do utilitarian, they can do cool – and it turns out they can also do a nifty little gypsy wagon. The Zamora Vardo is a pleasantly unexpected surprise from a very versatile young company, and it’s a great blend of classic vardo styling and modern elements, family heirlooms and ecofriendly new materials. Its gypsy heritage is evident from its size, silhouette, shutters and Dutch door, but with siding of shou sugi ban charred cedar over rusty corrugated metal the color scheme’s more muted than tradition would have it, and the fiberglass window frames and built-in rainwater collection system are pure 21st century.

Zamora Vardo 1

The interior looks pretty old school with its wood-paneled walls, antique furniture and curlicued copper sink. The kitchen appliances, though, are perfectly up to date, and there are also less noticeable modernities like composite paper countertops and a bed that lowers from the ceiling by remote control. One that’s entirely invisible is rockwool insulation, which is effective enough that the Zamora Vardo doesn’t need an active heating or cooling system to stay comfortable through all four seasons in temperate climates.

Zamora Vardo 3

At just 176 square feet, the 8×22 Zamora is pretty tight inside, but real gypsy wagons always have been – and this one nevertheless manages to include the luxury of a bathtub and the convenience of a washer/dryer. It also has the advantage of being genuinely portable, and that’s a real necessity for the new owners. Napa, CA, couple China Rose and AJ Zamora are planning to operate their China Rose Wellness business out of the vardo, pulling it behind a Ford F-250 to help them reach more clients with their holistic health counseling and classes. (Just like their spiritual Romani ancestors, they’ll also being selling healing herbs.)

Zamora Vardo 4

Zamora Vardo 5

Zamora Vardo 2

h/t Napa Valley Register

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