A houseboat that goes on the road and off the grid

This charming houseboat is the original WaterWoody, designed and built by Kerry Elwood and launched several Julys ago in 2014. It’s a 28-footer that weighs just 5,500 pounds, which means it can do road trips on a trailer almost as easily as it can make water journeys in front of its twin propane engines. The WaterWoody is also unusually self-sufficient for a houseboat, with solar panels and a rainwater collection system on top and a composting toilet in the head, so there’s no need to keep it tied up to a dock. With its classic looks and comfortably homey interior, the WaterWoody wowed attendees during its debut at the Wooden Boat Festival in Port Townsend, Washington, and quickly earned Kerry a commission to make a copy. Craftsmanship like this doesn’t happen overnight – more like a couple of years – but he should be just about done with that one by now and ready to start on another if you’re interested. He’s quoting a base price of $125,000, and you can email him at [email protected] to get things going.

WaterWoody 1

WaterWoody 2

WaterWoody 3

WaterWoody 4

WaterWoody 5

WaterWoody 6

h/t Tiny House Talk

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