10 Tiny House Builders Worth Following on Instagram

Every day across the country, and the world in fact, someone somewhere is building a tiny house, and whether they just pounded the first nail or laid the last piece of the wood floor, you can fuel up on inspiration by following their journey. It’s also a practical way to learn about the steps involved, and gives you an opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals who are usually more than happy to answer questions and help you out. With that in mind we pulled together a small list of people currently building their own tiny house,

1. @Msipirate24

We don’t know much about this build from their feed, but by the looks of it they just started framing the sub-floor on a used flatbed trailer. If you want to follow someone from start to finish, this would be a good time to jump on board.

2. Roamsweethome

Sarah’s tagline reads “Tiny living, big dreaming (&doing) Low overhead, high stoke” which is an outlook we can jive with. Located in Durango, CO. this one is shaping up to be a beauty and while she doesn’t have a ton of pictures, her THOW seems to be about 80% complete.


3. Tinyhome_love

A former peace corps and Americorps volunteer returned from Ecuador with a new outlook on what they really need as far as housing goes, and started building a 144 sq. foot tiny house. The feed is almost entirely dedicated to their build, with frequent updates, and you can check out their Indiegogo campaign here https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/sustainable-ideas-building-our-tiny-life

4. iKatzoff

This glassblower from Auckland, NZ is currently about halfway through framing his custom tiny house. It looks pretty unique, and unlike most of the others, this one is built on a fixed foundation. We’re excited to see it take shape, literally.

5. Longlegslittlehouse

Loren Smith is the builder of this one, and her profile reads “on the road to a nomadic, debt-free life style”. With the help of friends and family she’s well on the way to finishing the build, and even converted her sister and her husband into believers in the process, as they just began constructing their own.

6. Heartofitallhouse

Follow this Dayton, OH couple as they build their tiny house on wheels.

7. Mizter_Seth

This guy is building a 43′ long “not so tiny” house on wheels! Once complete, this will be the largest one we’ve seen or heard of, and it should be an interesting one to watch for sure!

8. Gnarlybus

Switching things up a bit, this build focuses on converting an old bus into a home.

9. Smallerhouse_biggerlife

This South African couple is currently building a tiny house made from used shipping containers. Follow along as they cut and weld their way to a new life.

10. Tinyhouseofthesouth

Last but not least we have this couple from Atlanta, GA. who just started their build a few months ago and have already made great progress.


Do you have a build currently in progress? Feel free to share your Instagram name/link in the comments.

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