How One Family Grows 6,000 lbs Veggies On 1/10th Acre In Los Angeles

We’re taking a slight detour from tiny houses to share an excellent piece on tiny farming. Just minutes from the sprawling urban landscape of downtown Los Angeles you’ll find the Dervaes family home, where they grow 6,000 lbs of produce on a tiny plot of land in their backyard. Everything they grow is organic and pesticide-free, and they managed to squeeze a remarkable 400+ species of plants into the small plot of land.

They don’t stop at farming fruits and veggies either, managing to fit in a beehive and even a small chicken coop for fresh eggs. This is a great inspiration for anyone who thinks they should plant a few tomatoes in the next few months. Maybe you can do a lot more! Here’s another crazy fact to consider – the Dervaes earned $20,000 from the produce they grew last year. How’s that for self-sufficient?! Check out the video below to learn more and be sure to visit for loads more info.


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