Who Needs A Motel When You Have This Extra Home?

As a carpenter, Frank Belo had a skill; as a carpenter who travels a lot for work, he had a need. And this tiny trailer house is the entirely logical and entirely lovely result. He built it in western North Carolina using 100% local, sustainable and chemical-free materials for about $10,000. Of that total, he spent $2,500 on a trailer and splurged on $1,800 windows. For Frank, it’s a far superior alternative to a cheap room at Motel 6 when he’s traveling.









traveling-carpenters-home-away-from-home-1h/t Tiny House Swoon

This is certainly one of the cuter micro homes we’ve seen. Since he doesn’t live here full time, he doesn’t see the need for a bathroom and says he has no trouble finding places to go along the road. For the rest of us, the addition of a bathroom could be the only thing needed to make it a more permanent residential option, and Frank’s definitely open to building more of them – it’s his trade, after all – so don’t hesitate to email him to see what you can work out.

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