There’s an insane one-day discount on Bosch tools happening right now

We don’t usually pump products here, but this is an UNREAL buy. Seriously, just take a look at the reviews.

Whether you’re planning on building a tiny house or just want to get started with some smaller DIY craft projects around the home, you’ll definitely a reliable set of tools. And there’s hardly a better brand out there than Bosch. So we were pretty amazed to see Amazon running a one-day sale on this Bosch 4-tool set for $285.

For $285 you’ll get a 1/2″ drill/driver, a 1/4″ hex impact driver, a reciprocating saw, and a circular saw. All run on two powerful included 18V batter packs.

Here’s why this deal is so insanely good – together these tools would run you around $650. This combo has never sold for less than $500. Heck, the reciprocating saw sells for $267 by itself, so you’re basically getting the other three tools for $18.

So if you’ve been thinking to yourself, “I should start rounding up some tools so I can build things” this is probably a good place to start. Whether you’re a contractor or just getting your feet wet with basic DIY stuff, this is a deal you likely won’t see again.  

4-Tool Combo Kit

Check out the deal on Amazon

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  1. Hi Mike, Thank you for the Bosch heads up! I just looked on line on and and it shows on at $509 ish. And I didn’t see it at all on If you get this before day’s end, might you be able to let us know the link to the $285 deal? Thank you!!!

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