At 8,000 Feet, This Might Be The Most Remote Cabin in the World


Many of us like to find solace in nature, retreating to our favorite wooded areas in the mountains, plains, or islands for a reboot from the hectic daily life. But few of us have the mental fortitude or even the means to summit 8,000 feet in order to stay in this A-frame, perched at an elevation that would give many people trouble breathing and dizzy spells. Located long the Ceria-Merlone trail in the Julian Alps, there’s actually a very honorable reason for this cabin’s existence.


After a 34 year old climber was killed in an avalanche, his family erected this A-frame in honor of him. It was designed by Giovanni Pesamosca Architetto and the pre-fabricated pieces were delivered via helicopter. Believe it or not, the family build this place in just one day. The interior can sleep up to nine people, and it’s designed to allow snow to slide off, ensuring it remains intact through the harsh conditions.




Photos courtesy of Archdaily

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