Award Winning Handbuilt Teardrop Trailer Is Pure Elegance

For those of you who want a tiny living space you can safely tow using the family Subaru instead of a Ford Powerstroke F350, consider this sleek and sexy teardrop trailer. It’s called a hut (twice, since that’s what “Hütte” means in German), but it doesn’t really look like one. In fact, the streamlined shape and gleaming wood exterior remind us of a classic Garwood powerboat, and that’s a pretty good place to draw inspiration for a design. Plus, the price for this camper can’t possibly cost as much as one of those boats. The Hütte Hut is hand-built by the husband-and-wife team of Brian and Katrina Manzo at Sprouting Sprocket Studio in Carpinteria, California, and was exhibited at Dwell on Design 2014, where it won Best of Dwell Outdoor. The accompanying photos should give you a pretty good idea of what the Hütte Hut is about, and there’s a dedicated website where you can ask questions or sign up for email updates.






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