Fully Customizable Offgrid Hivehaus Offers Plenty Of Options

The first thing you need to know about Hivehaus is that there’s no such thing as a Hivehaus. The demo unit you see here is but one possible configuration of the hexagonal modules of which it’s composed – and those modules themselves are so customizable that it’s impossible to define a standard layout. They all share the same dimensions (eight feet high and six feet on a side, for a total area of 100 square feet), but the sides can be any combination of walls, panels, windows and doors; flooring can be changed to suit the intended purpose; and roofs can be traditional, skylight, solar panel, or green.


So Hivehaus is a concept, not a module and definitely not a house. The modules are made to order by Barry Jackson in Lancashire, England, and can be installed by approved builders throughout the UK (sadly we aren’t sure about stateside prospects). The almost infinite flexibility will certainly be appealing for those interested in modular construction. At the same time, though, it could get a little confusing figuring out what you want your Hivehaus to look like. Fortunately, Jackson seems to be aware of that issue and promises that an online Hivehaus configuration tool will soon be available to help prospective buyers more easily create their own layout.







hivehaus-modular-offgrid-home-barry-jackson-4.jpg.662x0_q70_crop-scaleh/t treehugger

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