Adorable Nonnas Deliver Meatballs In Their Tiny Home

Like any number of formerly obscure rock bands, tiny houses have now penetrated so far into mainstream pop culture that they’re being used in commercials for products completely unrelated to the movement’s original ideals. Sausages and taxis probably aren’t the first things that spring to mind when you think of a tiny house on wheels, but that didn’t stop Uber and the Johnsonville sausage company from throwing three THOWs into an (admittedly cute) co-produced marketing stunt in Chicago.



In front of each tiny house was an Uber driver; inside was a not-so-recent Italian immigrant who cooked sausages on demand for residents who booked her services through an ad hoc add-on to the Uber app. The signoras being grandmothers as well as cooks, they were packaged as The Sausage Nonnas – the World’s Most Elite Sausage Delivery Service. You can find a few more tiny-house-themed TV ads on Tumbleweed’s blog.






h/t Tiny House Talk

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