Take the Anchor Bay to the beach and leave the sand behind

Over at Tiny House Design, Michael Janzen just keeps coming up with new plans. His latest is a well-thought-out smaller THOW called the Anchor Bay. It’s a short and sweet sixteen feet with an aerodynamically sloped front wall. Inside there’s a full-width sofa against that wall; a kitchenette with a sink, two-burner stove, mini-fridge and microwave; a fairly tight sleeping loft above that; and a bathroom with a toilet and shower stall at the rear.

Surprisingly, when you open the door to the bathroom you come face to face with another door leading outside. Maybe you could travel to a festival and set yourself up as an eye-catching Port-O-Let? No, this is actually in keeping with Janzen’s concept of the Anchor Bay as a tiny beach cottage – it lets you shower the sand off before you track it over every one of the 110 square feet inside your house. Janzen also points out that it would be easy to add an outdoor showerhead since the plumbing’s in the rear wall already. The only downside is that the door didn’t leave room for a bathroom sink, so you’d probably be brushing your teeth in the kitchen.

Plans for the Anchor Bay will set you back $29.

Anchor Bay 1

Anchor Bay 2

Anchor Bay 3

Anchor Bay 4

Anchor Bay 5

Anchor Bay 6

h/t Tiny House Talk

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