5 Christmas Tree Alternatives for Small Spaces

It can be hard enough fitting a Christmas tree into a regular sized house, let alone a tiny space where installing a 6′ tall Douglas Fir might mean displacing one of the kids or a husband. Plus you have to deal with the mess of cleaning up the fallen needles, and then disposing it. Plus, if you own a cat there’s always the potential for mass destruction, which might be hilarious at times, but is something you might rather avoid. With that in mind, we found some alternative trees you can use this holiday season.

A Wall Decal

Montreal-based Subhuti Designs sells these in their Etsy store. They come in a range of sizes and colors, and are easily removable so you don’t need to worry about peeling paint off the wall.



DIY Alternative Christmas Tree

The good folks at Free People shared this one, which we love. They use hot glue to attach tacks to the sticks, which you then mount to the wall. Add some holiday adornments, and a single string of lights to round things off.




Shabby Chic Framed Ornament Tree

Maybe you have a bunch of ornaments boxed away but no actual space for a tree. This project by “So Into Vintage” might be just what you need to display those nostalgic ornaments without the tree. Use a bit of string to outline the triangle shape, then hang the ornaments and frame it in the window for a shabby chic take on the traditional tree.



Two Dimensional “Light Tree”

I love walking down the street in December and seeing those big trees framed perfectly in people’s windows, and with this approach you can get the same effect. We found this on the Merry Mishap Blog, but didn’t see any instructions. No matter though, you can probably use a few thumbtacks  and easily replicate it.


Toddler Friendly Felt Tree

If you want a more tactile replacement, consider this approach that Natalie of “Johnny in a Dress” came up with, which uses a felt outline and some cut-out ornaments with a velcro backing. Let the kiddos go wild decorating and re-decorating the “tree” while keeping them safe from shattered ornaments and wires.


Do you have any different approaches for a space-saving Christmas tree? Let us know in the comments and we will add yours to the list.




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