I Felt Sorry When I Heard They Lived In A Truck…Until They Lifted The Back Door Open

When you hear that someone lives in what looks like a moving truck, chances are you aren’t very envious of them. You probably imagine some ramshackle existence inside, with a dirty couch to sleep on, a hot pot to cook with, and cold metal walls. In this case, you’d be dead wrong. This couple wanted to build their own sort of mobile RV they could drive anywhere, and they chose this moving truck as their platform to make their dream a reality.


As their first sort of DIY project, I’d say they did a fine job, and they were able to source the used truck on eBay for a great price. They proceeded to build their own kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, and even included some storage space. Now that they’re finished they plan to tour France, Spain, and Portugal in search of adventure. All said and done they spent about $15,000 which seems quite reasonable given the end result, although with zero skills going into the project I’m sure it could be done for a bit less.

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