Park models perfected over 70 years in the business

A park model home can seem huge in comparison with a ‘standard’ tiny house on wheels, and Kropf’s Island series are even bigger than most. With over 20 floor plans to choose from there’s some variation in overall dimensions, but they’re all at least 37 feet long and 11½ feet wide, giving them more than twice as much area as a 200-square-foot THOW. Kropf, a fourth-generation family business which has been making mobile homes since 1946, obviously knows both how to use space and how to build for quality and cost efficiency. You can pick up a brand-new 2016 model for less than $70K, and that includes all the fixtures, furniture and appliances – as well as a 50-year warranty on the vinyl siding and a 25-year warranty on the roof. And whichever configuration you pick, you’ll get a master bedroom with closets along one wall, a spacious bathroom and living area, and a full kitchen. The Island series may not have quite the charm or the mobility of a bespoke tiny house, but it’s awfully hard to argue with the value for money.









h/t Tiny House Talk

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