40-footer with a porch makes container living look attractive

When we looked at Custom Container Living’s log cabin style shipping container a few months ago, we mentioned that the Missouri company had lots more options available. This is one of them, a 40-footer with a cutout porch and a more universal aesthetic. If you look closely above the painted lap siding, you’ll notice that they’ve raised the roof and given it a slope, which allows for a row of clerestory windows, more room in the lofts, and a higher ceiling in the rest of the house. Forty feet, of course, is plenty long by tiny house standards, so even minus the porch there’s still a lot of free space inside, especially since the kitchen and bathroom are both confined to the opposite end. They’re both pretty tricked out, too: the kitchen boasts custom birch wood cabinets with laminate tops, a 15-cubic-foot fridge, a full-sized dishwasher, a washer/dryer, and a microwave oven overhead, while the bathroom has a full five-foot bathtub, a large sink and vanity, and a flush toilet. Storage stairs lead to the master loft above them; access to the storage loft above the porch is by ladder. It’s a nice design, nicely done, and cost a reasonable $47,900. With homes like these, Custom Container Living looks to be an emerging leader in the field of shipping container tinys.







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