Intellectual Tiny Home

This 40-foot shipping container house is the Intellectual Tiny Home, designed by Maggie Hartje at Revival Designs, named for the exterior paint color, and last sold for $62,000 in Longmont, Colorado. The wood bolted onto the side is cedar, meant to enable a green wall, a picnic table, or shelf space.

Through the smart-lock-equipped double French doors the container has been left open except for the bathroom and a bedroom alcove at one end. Flooring is bamboo, again except for the bathroom, which is tiled. There’s an electric fireplace in the middle living room section.

The kitchen includes all the major appliances other than an oven – a full-sized refrigerator, induction stove, microwave and dishwasher.

A washer/dryer sits unobtrusively under the wide bathroom counter.

The bedroom fits a queen bed and space to store clothes.

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