Cabin/container hybrid could be the best of both worlds

This interesting hybrid from Custom Container Living of Archie, Missouri, aims to combine the visual appeal of a log cabin with the sturdiness of a shipping container. It’s a largely successful effort. While you’d never mistake it for a real log cabin, the board-covered exterior looks anything but industrial. Standing inside, the bare metal of the ceiling and bathroom are your only clues that the house might not be timber-framed. Wooden walls, flooring, cabinets and storage stairs cover everywhere else, and the stone-topped kitchen counter and leather sofa in the living area add to the comfortably homey effect. With panoramic flat-screen TVs both across from the couch and at the foot of the queen bed in the loft, this looks like a great place for cozy cocooning. If it’s not quite your style, Custom Container Living has a couple dozen other floor plans available in various sizes and configurations ranging from family homes to weekend cabins to studios. Prices range from around $25,000 to $80,000.

Log Cabin Shipping Container 1

Log Cabin Shipping Container 2

Log Cabin Shipping Container 3

Log Cabin Shipping Container 4

Log Cabin Shipping Container 5

h/t Tiny House Talk

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