He Turned This Cold, Empty Shipping Container Into A Home

Danny Weber says he doesn’t believe in spending a lot of money on a tiny house – and he’s proved that you can get something comfortable and sturdy without needing to. The 8×40 shipping container house he built next to his full-sized house near Austin cost him only about $20,000 thanks to his use of basic construction materials and his habit of salvaging wherever possible. The result has some rough edges (at least for now – Danny plans a little more finish work), but the design is anything but pedestrian. There are doors on each end, huge sliding glass windows in front, a second-story deck covering a weatherproof patio, and a rear awning and false roof over the interior living area to give much-needed shade from the Texas sun. With high-grade materials and a little more polish, you could easily imagine seeing this in a glossy architectural magazine (probably at five times what Danny built it for).

Shipping Container $20k

The house is on-grid except for a composting toilet, with standard wiring and plumbing, including a septic tank hookup. Appliances include a mini-fridge and electric water and space heaters. Cooling was a priority; aside from the exterior shades, there’s a powerful ceiling fan in the bedroom and an air conditioning unit in the main space. Danny sprayed open cell insulation into the walls and under the wood laminate flooring to help regulate temperature. The bathroom is noteworthy for its jumble of salvaged elements which turn out to go together quite well: cedar-trimmed walls of leftover exterior siding surround a corrugated metal shower stall with a pebble floor.

Check out the video tour below

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