A simple shipping container that feels like a real home

This tidy charcoal-grey shipping container seems to be the first build from Walker Wilderness Enterprises. The company, which is located near Denver, plans to specialize in shipping container cabins and hunting lodges. This model is resolutely plain – minimalist, even – outside and in, but despite its simplicity the interior finish work is so well done that you don’t have any sense you’re standing inside a 40-foot metal crate. With 3+ inches of closed cell spray foam insulation throughout, you’ll also remain relatively unaffected by outside temperatures, which is always an important question for shipping container homes. Walker’s house is fitted with RV-style plumbing and electrical hookups, although the toilet is a Nature’s Head composting unit and the electrical system can also be taken off-grid if desired. Water for the nicely tiled shower can be heated with electricity or propane gas. Walker has this listed for $65,000 or best offer, with Gizmag suggesting that you may be able to get it for fifty if you ask nicely.

Container Home 1

Container Home 2

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Container Home 5

Container Home 6

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