How A Family Of 7 Live Happily In This School Bus

Buying a 72-passenger school bus when you have only seven children sounds like overkill, but converting the same bus into a full-time home for the entire family? More like overambitious, but that didn’t stop Christian music artist and filmmaker Shane Good from getting it done. After taking out all the seats he proceeded to fill the bus back up with a kitchen right across from the dining table, two rows of bunk beds lining the center and the master bedroom farther back. Add in one bathroom for everybody and a washer and dryer all the way to the rear and Shane had squeezed in everything but the children.

Fortunately they seem to have adapted well through the family’s first big trip – and first Christmas – in the bus. They spend most of their time at the dining table or in their bedroom area, and their mother has an easy time keeping an eye on them wherever they go, even when she’s cooking while Shane’s driving.

Good News Bus 1

Good News Bus 2

Good News Bus 4

Good News Bus 8

Good News Bus 3

h/t Tiny House Talk

Shane estimates that the bus (named Good News to reflect both his surname and love of the Gospel) cost about $30,000 to convert using top-quality appliances and fixtures and genuine oak paneling. It’s been running great after 3,000 miles at a not-unreasonable 8 MPG, and the Good News and the Good Family are both ready for more adventures to come.

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