School Bus Home Filled With Vintage Treasures Will Leave You Swooning

British Columbia couple Marco Khalil and Caroline West sell vintage home décor through their business Eight Inch Rule. They’re always traveling to find inventory, and when their VW bus couldn’t hold it all they moved up to a 1979 GMC/Blue Bird short school bus. From the outside the bus still looks ready to pick you up for classes, but Marco and Caroline have taken out the seats and transformed the interior into a mobile home/cargo bay/mini-store. Vintage accents abound, a bed, cabinets and sitting area make the bus a comfortable place to relax and sleep after a day on the road, and there’s plenty of room left over for storing new acquisitions and displaying items for sale. Marco and Caroline have grown to love the vehicle so much that they don’t just use it for business; it’s also their go-anywhere “beach cottage” for trips to the shore.







Photography: Caroline West | h/t Design Sponge

Be sure to check out the Eight Inch Rule Facebook page to learn more about their “pop-up” vintage shop, and see more pictures of their fabulous bus conversion.

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