A Breathtaking Custom Tumbleweed Home

Tumbleweed Tiny Houses offers plenty of designs to choose from, and most people opt for the Cypress, or some similar model that uses a trailer as the foundation. Today however, we take a peek inside a gorgeous example of their Whidbey tiny house, a design meant to stay in one place. The Berkshire House can be found tucked away in the little town of Great Barrington in the dense forest of Western Massachusetts. At 960-square-feet it qualifies as a “small” house, which is still a third of the size of the typical 2,700-square-foot American home, but whatever it lacks in size it makes up for in style. As you’ll see below, even though it isn’t tiny or portable, the setting, decor, and finish make this one very clean looking home.











Images © David Fell Photography | h/t Tiny House Talk, Tumbleweed

The home includes 9-foot ceilings, radiant heating in the floor, granite counters and even a walk-in closet in the master bedroom. Outside you’ll find a picturesque setting, with the rear patio bordering a peaceful river. It’s no wonder there aren’t any wheels under this beauty.

You can find plans for this and many other Tumbleweed cottages on Houseplans:


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