A thoroughly unique alleyway living space for a family of six

A very unusual site calls for a very innovative design, and Beijing firm B.L.U.E Architecture certainly rose to the occasion when confronted with a narrow L-shaped hutong (basically an alleyway) that a family of six was planning to call home. They had about 460 square feet to work with, hardly enormous even by tiny house standards, but as they weren’t limited by height they were able to put the children’s bedrooms – and even a carpeted play area– on a loft level running the length of the house. The play area has a safety netting, but the bedrooms are separated from the hallway below by shelves that provide privacy, safety and storage space all at once. The master bedroom, bathroom, living room and study nook are set into cubbies under the loft, while the kitchen’s off at one end by itself. The hallway is open to allow easy access to any of them, but it can be blocked off by pull-out dividers as desired. During mealtimes, the dining table and seats fold out into the corner of the L.


hutong-studio-2 hutong-studio-3










h/t Curbed

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