The Pink Flamingo Cottage is a great example of great value in vintage small houses

The Pink Flamingo Cottage is one of those vintage small houses from the era before there was anything unusual about a home being less than a thousand square feet. When they’re well maintained, they’re lovely to look at, and while they don’t offer the mobility of a tiny house on wheels, they don’t come with any of the legal uncertainties, either. Their squarer footprint and slightly larger area also means they don’t have so many tight spots. Prices can compare pretty favorably, too; the Pink Flamingo is listed for $67,900, fully furnished and complete with a small lot that includes a well, three storage sheds, a ride-on mower, and a white picket fence. It’s a 512-square-foot two-bedroom place built in 1955 and extensively upgraded over the last couple of years. The roof and wiring were replaced in 2016 and it got a paint job, a new water heater, and kitchen appliances such as an electric range, microwave, refrigerator in 2017. It has central A/C and electric heat, as well as partially insulated windows to help maintain a pleasant temperature in the main area, and there’s also a three-season room attached. The Pink Flamingo is located just a short walk from Indian Lake in Lakeview, Ohio, and it surely seems worth a look on the off chance you’re looking for something in that area… If not, it’s worth remembering that there are houses like it in many communities around the country. Tiny doesn’t have to be THOW!

h/t Tiny House Talk

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