“Pure Honey” is Shanty Chic at Its Best

This small one-bedroom home has been dubbed “pure honey” and it’s a sweetie for sure! From the outside it looks fairly modest but the interior is where it shines. Exposed support beams, a vaulted ceiling in the kitchen, brick and a unique loft design marking just a few of the impressive details. It’s 750 square feet, so not quite tiny, but definitely in the “small” category.

Let’s take a stroll through the layout, shall we?

Pure Honey 1

Look closely at the above photo of this lovingly restored tiny house in Columbus, OH, and you’ll see a “For Sale” sign. Now look at the next couple and you’ll probably want to buy it yourself:


A large brick fireplace demands attention in the center of the floor plan, though from the pictures we assume it’s probably not in use.


By far one of my favorite aspects of this little house is the lofted sleeping area, which extends above the kitchen. It’s accessible only by ladder, and with this much space I would rather see a staircase. The rustic look of the open rafters and wood platform really adds to the charm in my opinion. The combination of the exposed ceiling with rough edges under the loft and the sleek kitchen cabinetry makes for an interesting blend that people may either love or hate. What do you think of the design?


Pure Honey 4

Now think: would something that gorgeous stay on the market for long? (It didn’t – better luck next time!)

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  1. I am so interested in living in a tiny space. I bought an RV 28 footrr and am seriously thinking of making it my home. Wondering how I can buy a small piece of land parking and calling it home.

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