They Found This Abandoned, Crumbling Home In The Woods And Made It Into Something Incredible

Once a defunct, crumbling, and abandoned in the woods in the Netherlands, this 1950s home got a new lease on life thanks to the team at Bloot Architecture. They built an extension from the roof that acts as a sort of treehouse, with all sorts of built in furniture so you don’t need to worry about lugging a huge couch out there. The upstairs includes room for two bedrooms, and makes for a cozy nook to sleep or lounge in thanks to the huge windows. In addition to the structural work, they added some modern upgrades like solar panels, a wood stove, and a septic tank to make it more livable.






h/t Inhabitat

This is a great example of turning a forgotten property into a peaceful paradise to escape to for vacation, or even live in fulltime.

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