This Prefab Home Is So Eco-Friendly It Has A Carbon Negative Footprint

It’s increasingly possible to use “green” and “prefab” in the same sentence, and in the Spanish-speaking world that sentence is pretty likely to include the word NOEM as well. The Barcelona firm’s name comes from the goal of “no emissions”, and while zero is a number that’s awfully hard to get to, the Think CO2 subsidiary is doing an admirable job of minimizing emissions both during and after the construction process.


Their houses are all wood-based, and the wood’s locally-sourced and cut out on precision CNC machines to eliminate wastage. Insulation is a blend of wood fiber, wool, and cotton, and once assembled, the structures meet passive house standards. On top of that, NOEM carefully considers how to position each building on site to make the most efficient use of solar energy and natural ventilation.


NOEM’s most advanced model, the 1,033-square-foot Bioclimatic House 3.0 shown here, also incorporates computer controlled automated systems that fine-tune energy consumption according to prevailing conditions. All this adds up to a prefab building so green it’s estimated to have a negative CO2 footprint large enough that you could drive around the world four and a half times inside of it. And if you actually wanted to do that, your house would be ready for you when you got back – the Bioclimatic House 3.0 was completed in just eight weeks of factory work and another ten days on site.











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h/t Dwell, Humble Homes

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