Timbercraft Retreat

It had to happen eventually: a THOW that misses the commonly cited 400-square-foot cutoff for true tiny house status. (Does that make it a SHOW?) The splash on the Timbercraft Tiny Homes website mentions “living large in 150 square feet”, and they did indeed start out with – and still offer – homes in that size range. Lately, though, they (or maybe their customers) have adopted a bigger is better philosophy. They did a very nice 352-square-foot luxury farmhouse earlier this year, and their new Retreat is even larger. A 33-foot gooseneck trailer, plus cantilevers on either end, give it a whopping 416 square feet of floor area. Of course they’ve been able to fit an awful lot inside, including, supposedly, three bedrooms, although as there are no photos of the third one we’re assuming it’s fairly small. Let’s take a look:

Muted colors on the board and batten siding and standing seam metal roof give belie the Retreat’s hugeness.

The rearward view from the French doors shows the living room, kitchen, and larger loft bedroom.

The interior is all pine, painted white on the walls, stained dark on the ceiling, and left yellow for the floors.

The kitchen has all the cabinets and counter space you could want, and – except for a dishwasher – all the full-size appliances you’d find in a regular house.

The stairs lead to the master bedroom; the catwalk apparently goes to the third one. Note the electric fireplace opposite the sofa.

To the left is the laundry room…

…which is also a full bathroom complete with tiled tub, toilet and vanity.

 The master bedroom had good headroom and additional storage in the front cantilever.

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