Wishbone’s first build shows they’re not just about THOWs

Wishbone Tiny Homes, headed by the father-and-son team of Gerry and Teal Brown, is now best known as an innovative builder of custom tiny houses on wheels such as the Tiny Wynette and the Sheriff. They’ve been around since before THOWs got really popular, though, and their first small build was this 400-square-foot cottage which they put up in their native North Carolina in 2001. It has a big wraparound porch, a spacious, open interior and some nice stained glass in the windows, and has been a home, a wedding venue and a rental property at various times in its life. If you like the look, check out Wishbone’s website for a couple of foundation-based small houses currently offered at $200 to $350 per square foot.






h/t Tiny House Talk

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