Heliotropic house has pleasant temps all year round

Tiny houses have their limitations, of course, but they can also do a few things that simply wouldn’t be possible for larger dwellings, the mobility of THOWs being the classic example. The 359 Rotation leverages its diminutive 144-square-foot area to achieve mobility of a different kind: Taking a cue from the sunflower, it rotates to follow the path of the sun each day. At least during the winter – in the summer it can keep its back turned for cooler interior temperatures. To take fullest advantage of this capability, one side of the 359 is nearly all glass, and the roof is covered with solar panels that provide its electricity. A simple garden hose connection provides the water, and full kitchen, bathroom and sleeping facilities make it eminently livable. The 359 was designed by PATH Architecture and built by Kaiser Group, both of Portland, OR.

359 1

359 2

359 3

h/t Tiny House Talk

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