4 Highly Eccentric Tiny House Designs Sure to Amaze

It’s safe to say there’s a fair amount of creativity brewing within the tiny house movement. Everyone from skilled architects to renegade first-time builders can afford to get their hands on supplies and materials to build a tiny house and the low cost of entry removes many of the barriers associated with “normal” home design. As a result these folks have a lot more wiggle room when it comes to design approaches and in this post I wanted to share some of the more creative examples we’ve seen lately.

Beautiful woodwork from French Carpenter Menthe

You have to admire the attention to detail and the clean yet creative lines in this tiny house, built by a French carpenter with some serious woodworking skills.

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Chalet in the Woods

This house was made by famed architect John Lautner, who receives more attention for his dramatic larger homes which have been used in Lethal Weapon 2, The Big Lebowski, and Bond movies. This smaller one however takes a different approach and looks more like a spaceship perched on tree poles. Dubbed the Pearlman Cabin, it was build in 1956 and one of the most stunning features is the accordion window facade. The cost of this cabin was no doubt considerable, given its location and the steep slope it was built upon. Impressive nonetheless.





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We saw this on tumblr and although the page is entirely in Nordic, you get the basic idea from these pictures. It was built by students of the Bergen School of Architecture, and you can see the building process here. From the highly detailed sketch below it appears that the tube is meant for crawling through to the floor. All we know is that on one side it looks like a basic cube shaped cabin, and on the other it looks like a tuba.





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The Recycled Window House

When photographer Nick Olson and his fashion designer girlfriend Lila Horwitz decided to leave their jobs and construct their home, they brought a different sort of vision. It features one side made from a large number of recycled windows, overlooking a stretch of peaceful uninhabited land in the hills of West Virginia. There’s a ton of natural light that shines through the facade during the day and at night it glows with a warmth that can be seen from far away.





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