A Nod To Freedom – The “Jefferson” by Liberty Tiny Cabins

Liberty Cabins is a relatively new builder of tiny trailer houses based in northern California. Below you’ll see their “Jefferson” build, an 8×25′ size that costs around $40,000. The standard model has pine walls and bamboo flooring; you’ll pay $5,000 less if you opt for sheetrock walls, or a bit more if you want a cedar bathroom. They’ve apparently got at least one skilled metalworker on staff because the trailers and interior iron railings and other fixtures are all custom-made. Plumbing and electricity are RV-style, and a composting toilet and electric heater are optional. A stove, microwave, refrigerator, and on-demand water heater are included by default. An added bonus is the stairway to the loft, which looks wide enough to easily navigate up and down without risking life or limb.










liberty-tiny-treasure-homes-10 liberty-tiny-treasure-homes-11



With both the company and build name offering a nod to the freedom our forefathers pursued, it’s clear they understand what tiny living means to many folks. The Jefferson is a fairly conventional size for a tiny house on wheels, and shows off a traditional sort of design, but Liberty has plans to develop an extra-small 12-foot model for those interested in living really small. To stay in the loop with their latest builds, be sure to check out http://www.libertycabins.com/ or follow them on Facebook and Instagram.

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