Alabama’s spacious Freedom has some thoughtful extras

The 28-foot Freedom is one of the first few builds from Alabama Tiny Homes. The length is used to good effect, so that even with a fully equipped kitchen at one end and a large bathroom at the other there’s plenty of room in the central section too. Lots of windows, glass French doors, and a skylight above the sleeping loft contribute to the feeling of expansiveness. But even with all the apparent space, there’s a lot inside: the living room has a trundle bed that can accommodate a couple of overnight guests, and the bathroom has both a custom glass shower stall and a walk-in closet with washer/dryer hookups. The Freedom doesn’t have a washer/dryer yet, but does come with fixtures like two flat screen TVs (one in the living room, one in the loft), a 7.9 cubic foot refrigerator, a propane oven with four burner stove, a ceiling fan, and a mini-split air conditioner. Utilities are hassle-free with RV-style electrical, water and sewer connections, and the price is a pretty reasonable $57,000.

Freedom 1

Freedom 2

Freedom 3

Freedom 4

Freedom 5

Freedom 6 Freedom 7

Freedom 8

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