Alex & Rosa’s Tiny House

If nothing else (but there is more), this would be a superb example of thematic design, the theme here being rectangles. The exterior presents an overhanging loft atop a boxier main level and is punctuated by elongated glass doors and windows in both vertical and horizontal orientations. It’s just as recti-linear inside, from the staircases to the kitchen counter to the sofa and the art on the walls. (Well, there may be one or two curves on the toilet and the shower stall.) And the ‘more’? This is also a very serviceable short-term accommodation for up to five people, with a queen size memory foam bed in each sleeping loft and perfectly adequate kitchen and bathroom areas. The dining table only seats two, but your kids probably won’t mind taking a couple of meals on the couch – and we’re assuming kids, because a little bird (or was that a mouse?) told us that Orlando, where the house is located, is no slouch as a family vacation destination. It’s just $85 a night and available on Airbnb.










h/t AirBNB

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