Alpine makes mountain living easy with the Teton

The first build we’ve seen from Utah outfit Alpine Tiny Homes (Facebook: leaves us pretty impressed. It’s the Teton, a 28×8 THOW on a triple-axle trailer with elevated sleeping lofts at both ends. We’ll say right away that they really are just for sleeping, as there’s nearly zero headroom for anything else. But the master loft has a big skylight right over the queen bed to give at least the illusion of openness, and keeping the lofts small (and accessible by roll-away ladders rather than stairs) saves a lot of room for the main show underneath.

Alpine Teton 1

That starts below the master loft with a dedicated living room with a sofa on one side and bookshelves and a flat screen TV on the other. It’s a great self-contained space where you wouldn’t be bothered by other inhabitants walking past as you’re trying to watch a movie. Outside it is a built-in dining counter across from the kitchen facilities, which include a full-size refrigerator and oven with hood. Then you go past a laundry alcove to get to a bathroom with a big sink on top of equally big cabinets, a flush toilet and a nice tile-and-pebble shower cubicle. The Teton looks like an incredibly livable tiny house for $65,000, and it’s not the only one Alpine offers; they also have plans for another 28-footer with just one loft, as well as a 24-foot two-loft model.

Alpine Teton 2

Alpine Teton 3

Alpine Teton 4

Alpine Teton 5

Alpine Teton 7

Alpine Teton 9

Alpine Teton 8

Alpine Teton 6

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