Homemade elevator bed highlights DIY blogger Ana White’s 3rd tiny house

Ana White’s first tiny house, the Quartz, featured a sofa/trundle bed combo. Her latest has a much more spectacular way of maximizing daytime and nighttime space: an elevator bed that the popular DIY blogger created using garage door hardware. During the day it’s out of the way, above a living room with 100 square feet of open space; at night it comes down at the touch of a button. If you have overnight guests, it comes down only halfway so they can sleep on the sofa underneath, bunk bed style. Very neat, and what’s even better is that the setup only cost about $500!

Of course, Ana didn’t stop with an elevator bed, so neither will we. Let’s take a look at the rest of the house.

With no need for stairs, there’s so much space in the middle that it’s still incredibly roomy even with a storage cabinet running all along one side.

Not only that, the cabinet doors fold up to become a dining table or a pair of desks!

Aside from over-and-under cabinets, the kitchen has shelves built into the bathroom wall and a small pantry that slides out from the wooden box to the left. There will be a washer/dryer under the counter to the left of the sink, too.

Did Ana’s penchant for dual-purpose get the better of her in the bathroom? It’s not a big space to begin with, and including a clothes closet has made it positively minuscule. (The closet is normally positioned in the shower; you slide it out over the toilet when you want to bathe.)

There are plenty more ‘Easter eggs’ hidden in this house – find some of them on Ana’s tiny houses page, or watch the 15-minute video below.

And for a definitely-not-DIY elevator bed tiny house, take a look at The Tiny House Company’s design.

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