Furniture design helps fit a family into 204 square feet

Alaskan DIY furniture blogger Ana White has now DIYed an entire tiny house – and as with all her other projects, she’s making the plans for the “Quartz” available for free on her website. As you’d expect from Ana, the 204-square-foot house has some pretty innovative furniture, including a study desk that converts to a dining table and a “sofa” whose seat turns out to be a roll-out trundle bed with built-in storage.

Ana White 2

There’s also a sleeping loft, giving the house a total of three beds to accommodate Ana, her husband Jacob, and their two children. On the other end is the kitchen, which has an oven, some modest shelves, cabinet space under wooden countertops – and no sink. Nor will you find a bathroom anywhere you look: the Quartz is completely dry. Ana had a couple of reasons for making it that way. For one thing, Alaska’s frigid winters make plumbing a lot more of a challenge than it is in the lower 48; for another, this is only intended as a temporary residence while the family builds a cabin for themselves nearby. But while the build stopped there, Ana’s passion for design didn’t, and she’s now working on plans for a version of the Quartz with running water and more utility for permanent living.

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