The Apple Blossom finds its true calling

The Apple Blossom’s vibrant green and pink door seems to promise something intriguing beyond, and indeed there is more to this 312-square-foot prefab cottage than meets the eye. The biggest surprise is that it wasn’t designed as a home at all: it was conceived as the sales office for Vermont builder Jamaica Cottage Shop. An uninsulated unit actually served that function for some time, but what you see here is a fully finished model that’s been set up as a guesthouse in Jamaica (Vermont, of course). It sleeps five (three in the single/double bunk bed in the private bedroom, two on a fold-out futon in the living room) and goes for $92 a night on Airbnb. This one’s well insulated and has air conditioning and gas heat for climate controlled comfort any time of the year. Other amenities include a bathroom with hot shower, sink and flush toilet; a hotplate, microwave, toaster oven and refrigerator in the kitchen; and high-speed Wi-Fi. You’ve just missed the lilacs in the garden outside (they flower in June), but there’s a lot else to see on the property, skiing and kayaking opportunities are nearby, and yes, there really are apple blossoms in the spring. For an office, it makes a very nice guesthouse, and it looks as if it would do just fine as a permanent residence too. If you’re interested in that aspect of it, Jamaica Cottage Shop would be happy to make you one of your own, either as a DIY shell kit ($16,338, delivery anywhere in the US or Canada) or as an assembled turnkey home ($65,523, shippable only to the northeastern US).

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