Custom-built Bayfield is big where it counts

Last year was a busy one for Greg Parham of Rocky Mountain Tiny Houses; he’d already finished several projects before completing this one for a local client in Bayfield, Colorado, last December. As the 224-square-foot Bayfield wasn’t going to be shipped across country and isn’t expected to move much, Greg focused on maximizing space rather than mobility. He built the house to a height of 13.5 feet on an 8×28 triple-axle trailer and increased the interior volume even further with a full-length 3/12 gable roof. The corrugated metal siding and roof will rust to a red-brown in time, and that color scheme is continued inside, with tongue-and-groove poplar walls and ceiling and a red floor of natural cork. The buyer isn’t much of a cook, so Greg was able to save space with a kitchen that’s not much more than an oven, sink and refrigerator. That left room for a big bathroom, two lofts, and a lot of storage space. Total price was around the $60,000 mark.

Bayfield-THOW-05-600x448 Bayfield-THOW-06-600x450 Bayfield-THOW-01-600x448 Bayfield-THOW-01b-600x448 Bayfield-THOW-02-600x802 Bayfield-THOW-03-600x802 Bayfield-THOW-04-600x800h/t Tiny House Talk

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